Here's A Story About "Us"



"We're going to tell stories," I told the business-owner crowd of motorcycle dealers; a few hundred of them were seated at dinner tables in a dark Las Vegas hotel banquet hall. I was the new advertising manager for Suzuki  motorcycles, it was 2003 and business was good but could have been better. 

I was serious about telling stories. I'd done that for years as a magazine editor in the powersports world. And I was eager to tell brand-focused stories about Suzuki motorcycles, their owners and the dealers. 

People like stories. But let me be clear; I use the word loosely. It's not a Once Upon A Time kinda thing. It is a We Think You'll Enjoy This, plus We'd Like You To Remember Us thing. And it all begins with knowing your audience. That's the most important part of any story - the audience. Then you create brand stories that engage the audience and also get you to your goals. 

Glenn Hansen, Chief Storyteller
HansenHouse Communication

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Hey that's me, pointing at you. An outtake from a story shoot riding into and through Yosemite National Park.