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b. 1986, HK.

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I grew up with this truck, Old Blue. She was born in 1965; my grandfather Magnus bought her new in Barron, Wis. With the help of Old Blue, we hauled the boat out to area lakes for fishing adventures, we hauled firewood out of the forests for winter heat. Later, she helped move me to St. Olaf College. Today, I run it to the lumber yard for woodworking supplies, or just to Nelson’s Ice Cream for a treat.


Mostly, Old Blue is a storyteller. It brings stories out of strangers I meet who stop me to talk about this truck and their old family rigs. These are amazing stories too. Funny thing is, they’re seldom about trucks. They’re about people and experiences. They’re about events and memories. And these stories bring people together - like all good stories do.

Do you have an Old Blue that brings out stories?