Content Marketing Services


Content Marketing

If you're ever shared a story about your company's products or services, you've done "content marketing." This broad category of story-sharing tactics includes digital delivery as well as more traditional printed products. And don't forget video. Most importantly, it starts with the creation of the content - your story.  

We create stories that educate, entertain and inform. And we deliver these stories using the tools that best reach the audience, and fit a budget and a time schedule. 

At right is a list of tools I use in content marketing work. Which one might be best for you? Depends on your audience, budget, timing, and brand style. 

December 2017 issue of On Suzuki magazine

December 2017 issue of On Suzuki magazine

Photography & Videography

Sure, photos and videos are "content" too, and they need marketing. I separate them here because their creation requires unique planning and execution so the visuals support the larger story. The right visuals, captured well, enhance storytelling effectiveness.  You can check my Photo Gallery here, and a Video Gallery here

Email Marketing

Just because you receive a ton of spammy emails, that doesn't mean all emails are spam. You subscribe to email lists for specific reasons, and so do your customers. So give them what they want, not just what you want. Email marketing can be incredibly effective. Or it can be ugly. We can make yours effective.   

Custom Publishing

The death of the print magazine has been prophesied since the first website went live. Yes, the magazine industry is not what it used to be. But niche publishers, and savvy corporations, are finding success with print publishing. Good old paper and ink - people still like it. 

I create magazines and custom print publications that deliver powerful messages, inspiring messages, educational and entertaining messages.

PR, Crisis Communication, Media Relations

Yes, these are three different things, but they're related to each, and to your story. 

Public Relations (PR) can succeed when the stories are important and honest, and not self-serving. Successful PR is built on relationships with media. And the result of strong relations is a growing audience. As a former magazine editor, I know what works and what doesn't. 

Crisis Communication is that asset you think you'll never need. Until you do. But you're not ready. It's like insurance. A business can endure nearly any communication crisis by planning for one. When the media calls, who in your company will say what? I help companies prepare. 

Media Relations: I've trained executives and athletes in how to best engage with journalists, with on-camera coaching that focuses on brand continuity. 

Advertising Design

Nobody likes advertising (except big ad agencies). But everybody needs advertising - both buyers and sellers. It's an art form that can be done well without being expensive. Here's the secret: Focus on your audience, then be interesting and honest. Now take that secret and apply it to ads you see in print, online, or on TV. Yes, advertising can be better, much better.