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If you've ever shared a story about your company's products or services, you've used "content marketing." This broad category of story-sharing tactics includes use of news tools such as Facebook or LinkedIn's new publishing platform, and traditional tools such as public relations and custom-published print pieces, like a magazine.

Have you seen Red Bull's Red Bulletin magazine, or almost anything done by GoPro? Both use stories to entertain and inform, and to excite an audience. This "content" helps raise interest in products and services, and in the brand. They're not pitching drinks or gizmos. 

On the B2B side, look at Adobe's Create magazine for design professionals. Or check out one of my favorites, the Open Forum blog site from American Express. This content rich site informs business owners on all aspects of business operations. Its "content" is advice from business owners and leaders; it's not American Express sales pressure. 

Any business - yes, any business - can do content marketing today. For Suzuki Motor of America, Inc., we publish On Suzuki magazine (you can preview this issue) twice annually and fill it with stories and photos that entertain and inform while celebrating the Suzuki brand for owners across America. 

What style of copy might you need? What’s your purpose? Through the links below, you will find work I’ve done for Brands, in Collaboration with other agencies, for a client’s Internal communication needs, for my own Creative Writing purposes, and more. Check it out.