This is My Why.  



There is one thing I know, it's that I know very little. And that makes me endlessly curious. I'm motivated to learn things, and also just to learn.

When I begin work on any project, I come with a lot of questions. Some would say I'm "industry agnostic" in my work. I just prefer curious. This helps me create compelling content and connect with an audience. 



"You're not from Croquet Monthly magazine now, are you?" asked the man in the white hat when I asked to photograph his game, his strong English accent masking the sarcasm in his question. I loved making a brief connection with these two men. It makes these photos much more personal for me.

We can easily do the same with almost any marketing communication today - make a connection. When we supplement our data with real connections to people, we'll communicate more effectively. 



This is the family truck. It's been going for 52 years. It's evolved a bit, but it hasn't changed. It's continuously the family truck, Old Blue, Grampa's GMC. It remains true to that brand no matter what. That's how branding works.

A brand can evolve - must evolve - but it needs continuity. And that must be communicated. This truck knows its place and serves it well while all sorts of vehicles - and memories - have moved around it, past it, and faded away.