Let's Share Interesting Stories

Problem-solving stories. Inspirational people stories. New ideas stories. Business growth stories. HansenHouse has been creating and sharing stories for years - writing, photographing, and distributing - to help spread ideas and opportunities.

The sparky photo above? It's from a collection for a client - an accounting firm - that wanted to show and tell more people stories about the businesses it serves. What's your story? I'm curious.

Here's What I Deliver

I started HansenHouse in 2010 to create and tell business stories. And I quickly learned this: It's not about me. I’m driven by curiosity to discover an audience and create a compelling story that will influence and entertain.  

I serve businesses by learning and listening and delivering. So here's what I deliver. 

It's Not About Me

My Why Story

Why drives what. Huh?

The reason why you do anything is the determining factor in what you do, and in what the outcome will be. Your “why” story is interesting, I'm sure of it. You should share that with people.

If you're curious, read my why. 



Honestly, I don’t like the word "blog." On a website, when I see blog I just don't want to click because I don't know what I'm getting into. Give people a reason to click on your blog; give it a more interesting name.

I tried that, nobody clicked. You write. You test. You adjust.  

Read my blog



It is not the voice that commands the story; it is the ear.

— Italo Calvino, journalist and writer


Just for fun ... do you like books? Check this out. 

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I Had My Own Library

I’m a junkie for libraries, especially the Little Free kind. You’ve seen these around town (no matter where you live). I had one in my yard in California for years, and now living in Minnesota I just enjoy the Little Free Libraries I see all over the metro area. Click below to check out some of what I’ve been reading.