Rhyme Games

Ooohhh, Anger Be Now Your Song, young man.

But that move is gonna get him ejected from this game, Angie.

Either rhyme, or don’t rhyme – I always say.

But “Purple” and “Hurtful”?

Come on, man.

You do always say that, Hugh. It’s true.

That was clearly a 15-yard penalty for Roughing Our Ears,

And when you throw your Moleskin at the Referee,

From this contest, you must be deleted, ha.

Listen, we need to break for a commercial message.

But when we come back, we’ll hear sages with rhymes for the ages.

This is the Rhyme Games World Series on ESPN,

the Exceptional Story & Poetry Network.

Welcome back, I’m Angie Lou Maya

And I’m here with Hugh Langston.

While our artist athletes polish poesy

and their Muses massage their motivation …

Woah, careful there Calliope, Erato, Euterpe!

… Hah! Hang on Hugh, don’t go there. This is a family show.

Our next minstrel is making his way to the mic.

We welcome Black Thought, to the ESPN Rhyme Games.

"Y'all just regular,

I'm a' apex predator

Brim stay fresh,

feathered up,

et cetera"

“Ode on a Grecian Urn,” look out.

There’s a new poet in the town square!

With lines like that, I’m sold.

No wait, Angie, I’m soul’d!

Aaaand he’s back at the mic.

"Otis used to sing how we should try a little tenderness

But they ultra envious,

crazy disingenuous like

Who need a enemy if that's what type of friend you is?"

Hugh, I could feel the verse, I’d marry that meter.

That was lyrical, he is on top of his game.

Let’s go to Blake William, our field correspondent.

Thanks Angie, and I’m thrilled to be with Hugh, too.

Black Thought just dashed to the bench for Oxygen.

Hold on, He approaches,

Black, Mr. Thought, how did you train for these Rhyme Games?

“I bear arms like button-downs without the sleeves

manic depressive and possessive like apostrophes

my psychiatrist waved the doctor fees when I waved the pistol and said,

‘Quit watching me so I can breathe.'”

Woah. There you have it guys,

Mic. Dropped.

Back to you in the booth.

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